13 Sure fire ways to sell your own creative items

Each of these ways will help you get your products seen and sell your items to a wide variety of people.  They all have a different type of shopper clientele.  What may sell great at one type of show or market may not in another.

First off for items you want to sell

First and foremost for any of these places you may sell at do your homework first.  Find out what type of people shop here, what types of items sell a lot of and even what are the prices like for items that are selling.  If you can go to these places or look around online and see what is selling first.  Get a scope of the volume of traffic.


The second very important thing is to know what are the fees and costs with a booth, physical store or even online shop.  The cost of having a tent, tables, displays, and even how to move your product to and from locations.  Sometimes you can rent specific things like tables and tents. You need to factor these costs into your profits.

Draw people to your booth

Another important thing to do is once you get your booth or shop set up you need something to draw people in or over to your items.  I always like to have my embroidery machine running.  So that means I will need electricity if it is possible to have it at any of the locations.  I have done shows without and with.  I do seem to sell more when people see the machine sewing something.  People are naturally curious, so that’s your chance to snag them and sell them something.

Quilt pieced chicken pincushion

1. Craft fairs aka Local artisan fairs

These types of fairs can be a lot of fun.  Not only can you see what all people are making and selling in the current market time but you can also network with other like-minded people.  These fairs are almost always outdoors.  Therefore, having a tent to keep you in the shade and some protection if it starts to rain.  If the fairs are only once a year, look online at previous years.  You can see the types of vendors and what sells at shows like this.

2.  Flea markets

This crowd of people love to find bargains and deals.  I have found lower price points are great for this type of selling setting.  There is these type of flea markets all around.  Some are every weekend where others are only once a month.  Know the popular trends that are going on, especially in your area.  Some flea markets are outdoors and others are indoors.  So they can be all year or seasonal.  Go and see what all is for sale at the flea market you are thinking about selling it.  See if there are items for sale like your items.  Even ask questions to the current vendors on how their sells are.  Some might not tell you but others will be open and honest with you.  Tell them your thinking about getting a booth to sell your items there also.

3.  Trade shows

These are usually very niche markets.  Therefore, having something very specific for the type of trade show is key.  A good example is for a gun show you will want to make things like purses that have gun pockets, gun holsters and those type of relative items.  Don’t go to one of those trade shows with tons of stuff for kids.  That is defiantly not the crowd the show is catering to.

4.  Festivals

Selling at festivals is a lot like craft fairs and trade shows all in one.  One I love is the Renaissance festival.  This is a great place to create all kinds of Renaissance and Celtic type items.  Once again it’s a more niche type like trade shows but is like a craft fair where it is outdoors.  This type of festival usually runs on the weekends for an entire month or so.  These festivals can be a lot of fun and you can really sell a lot of stuff if you find the right items to sell.

5.  Local consignments stores

Another great place to sell your items is a local store that will sell your stuff on consignment.  Just know that sometimes the consignment fee can be steep.  I have sold my stuff at a consignment store that took 40% of the selling price for each item.  Therefore, know pricing your items accordingly in order to make sure you can make a profit.

6.  Farmers markets

Farmers markets are a great way to sell your stuff.  These are typically every week or the same day every month.  The cost to have a booth set up is usually not that expensive, but you sometimes have to agree to be there the whole selling season.  In colder climates, it usually runs from mid Spring to early Fall.  The clientele at these sales are there for fresh produce, fresh meats, homemade bakery goods, etc.  So gearing the items you sell there should have something more towards this type of crowd.

Embroidered pillow

7.  Christmas bazaars

These are great places to sell and showcase your creations.  It’s the holiday time and people are looking for easy gifts and even something for themselves if it really strikes their fancy.

8.  Yard sale / rummage sale

I have sold a few items at yard sales.  This is a really, really tough crowd to sell your homemade items to.  You will need to sell the items at a low price.  Yard sales are always looking for a great deal and usually not willing to pay much for anything they can pick up at a yard or rummage sale.  Even so, place some of your items out sale and put your business cards out too.  You never know if you might get a future sale off something someone sees.  The plus is there is no cost to putting your items up for sale.  Also you can see how much interest is in each item you have for sale.

9.  Open your own store

Opening and running your own store is big.  I wouldn’t even contemplate doing this until you know you can have the traffic flow and items that will sell.  There are a lot of costs in opening a store and maintaining it.  Your sells will need to outweigh the costs of running your own store.


The online venture

Selling your items online is completely different than selling them in person or where the people looking at your items can actually touch them.  So, your images need to be amazing of your items.  That is one of the most important things you can do for selling online.  Another important part is the presentation of the item they receive in the mail.  It’s packaging.  Apple had it so right in how they package the iPhone and all their items.  Sleek but sophistication in mind.  It really makes the buyer think they are getting something top notch.  Here is a list of different places you can try selling your homemade items online.

10.  Etsy

I personally sold my first item on Etsy over 10 years ago.  It was a pillow with an embroidery on it.  It said, “Dear Dorothy, Hate Oz.  Took the shoes.  Find your own way home. – Toto”.  My first sell was to someone overseas, not even in the United States.  It’s amazing how broad of a customer base you can get from listing your items for sale online.  Hence, listing your items for sale is relatively cheap and the fees they charge are not bad either.  It’s a great way to showcase your items and see what selling online is like.  Be sure to put a great bio on the about page because that will draw people into your story and make them want to buy from you.

11.  Shopify shop

This avenue of selling your stuff online is where you will have your own store.  Often you will link this shop to your own website.  I wouldn’t jump right into getting your own Shopify shop.  I would defiantly start with something like Etsy.  The nice thing about Shopify is you pay monthly for your shop.  You will have to have some sort of payment processing setup.  Therefore, monthly fee and payment processing will be the fees you will have when having things for sell on Shopify.

Zippies – made from just a zipper.

12.  Craigslist

The place where you can find, buy or even sell most anything you can think of.  You can place your items for sale on here or even offer classes on how to make some of the items you have up for sale.  When selling on this platform beware of scams and never meet the prospective buyer alone in a secluded place.  Always meet in public where there are many people around.  Even bring a friend with you.  Always take cash or credit cards via a credit card payment system.  Never take a check as payment for anything you are selling!  If they seem sketchy then don’t deal with them. Hence, there will be other opportunities to sell your stuff.

13.  Facebook & Facebook marketplace

Facebook is a great place to start selling your items online.  Post a couple of your creations to see what people say about them.  Even ask your friends to comment on them.  Ask them if they would want to buy something like this, if not what changes they would want.  The more feedback you get the better.  You might even sell a few items directly to your friends.  On the other hand of Facebook, there is the marketplace.  This is also a great place to list your items for sale.  For starters, it’s completely free.  Just like Craigslist, you will meet the people in person to sell them the item.  Therefore, always meet in a public location, never alone or at your home.

What all I have done myself

I have personally sold stuff at craft fairs, festivals, Christmas Bazaars, flea markets, yard sales, Etsy, on consignment at a couple stores, Etsy, Facebook marketplace and Etsy.  Hence, the crowds are in search of different items in each of the marketplaces.  Sure some can carry over from one market to another.  Make sure to do a lot of research before going hog wild and making a ton of items to sell.  Therefore, you will not be stuck the unsold items for quite some time.