OttLite light review for any sewing or craft room

OttLite has been a major brand of natural lighting for numerous years.  Its quality is unmatched to any other brand out there in my opinion.

Technical information about this OttLite

This is a powerful 24-watt floor lamp.  It is versatile and has an adjustable height.  The base is sturdy and weighted to keep from tipping over easily.  This OttLite weighs less than 13 pounds.  Thus, making it lightweight even to move around.  It has a wide area of illumination.  Allowing you to see colors accurately and details nice and clear.

The light bulb

The light built inside is a 24 watt super bright natural daylight bulb.  This OttLite comes with its signature 508 Natural Daylight Illumination.  It has an ideal balance of brightness and contrast that doesn’t have a glare.  This bulb is made especially to have no harsh glare or distortion of color like other standard indoor light sources.


It weighs 12.3 pounds.
The dimensions are 6.2 by 9.9 by 43.6 inches.
It comes in a gray and black color.
Flexible neck allows for multi-position to direct light exactly where you need.
The bulb is included and can last up to 10,000 hours of use.
This OttLite does require some basic assembly.
For indoor use only.

OttLite vs other lights

Hands down the OttLite is the better light.  The natural light and the anti-glare bulb creates a nice visual environment to work in.  Regular indoor lights and lamps are usually incandescent lights.  These types of lights give off a yellowish hew to them.  Using an OttLite really makes a difference as you can see in the two photos.  The one with the regular light and one with the OttLite.   The OttLite is the photo on the left and the regular light is the one on the right.  Look and see how nice and bright the one on the left is using the OttLite.  The one on the right looks very yellowish, it also makes the white spool ends look an off-white color.  They are white, not off-white.  Even other natural lights don’t compare to the OttLite.

What’s so great about this OttLite

Perfect size to go next to your workstation, chair or sewing table.  It has a flexible neck to direct the illumination where you need it most.  The special bulb creates very little heat.  So it doesn’t get hot while working under the light.  It’s natural daylight indoors.  Being 24 Watts means it is nice and bright and is a bit of a difference even from the 18-watt version of his OttLite.

My light

Owning an OttLite has made a big difference in my sewing and crafting over the past couple of years.  I don’t use it every day but it has by far been one of the best additions to my sewing room.  I also use it for doing other crafting things.  Having the natural light helps me see the colors better and match up different color fabrics.

Where to buy your OttLite

OttLite’s official site sells them for over $100.  I was able to buy my first one at Jo-Ann fabrics during a big sale years ago.  I know I paid around $100 for mine years ago.  Since then I have bought a second one from Amazon.  It’s selling on there for around $80 at the moment which is a great price for this light.

Glowing review

I would defiantly recommend this natural light to anyone who sews, crafts or even is in need of a great lamp.  The style of this light hasn’t changed over the years but there is nothing about this light that needs changing in my opinion.  It’s a great light for the beginner all the way up to the professional.