Needle threader collage

How To Use A Needle Threader And The Different Types

At a certain point or another, I think we all have had issues with threading our needles no matter how great our eyesight.  Over the years I have found that using a needle threader will help aid you in threading sewing needles of different types.

What are needle threaders? There are three types of needle threaders.  The first one is the needle threader for a regular hand sewing needle.  Second is an accessory you can purchase to thread a sewing machine needle. The third is an automatic needle threader that comes on a sewing machine.

There are all kinds of different brands and styles of needle threaders out there on the market today.  From ones that are very basic to more complex.  They all can assist you in threading the needle.

How to use a needle threader?

With the three main types of needle threaders, the first is the one for a hand sewing needle.

Hand sewing threader

The incredibly cheap ones are the little metal ones with a very fine metal wire that makes a diamond shape.  To use this threader you put the end of the metal wire through the eye of the needle.  Then place the thread through the wire and pull it back through the eye of the needle.  This needle threader works well, but there are some drawbacks with this one.  The basic construction of this little cheap one will have you only got a couple uses out of it is inevitable that it will break, come apart, and become trash.  This type of threader can also be for use with sewing machine needles too.  You will use the same process to thread the hand needle as the sewing machine needle.

Manual needle threader for sewing machine

This needle threader you will use to help thread sewing machine needles as well as serger needles too.  This little threader has a spring loaded mechanism that pushes the thread through the needle.  This needle threader is the opposite of the hand sewing needle threader where it pulls the thread through the eye of the needle.  The manual spring loaded needle threader has a knack to using it.  It is going to take several tries to get it to work correctly.  The tiny metal part that goes through the eye of the needle is also very delicate and prone to bending easily.  Once The little metal insert is deformed too much, it will not work that well.

The sewing machine needle threader

The sewing machine needle threader is my favorite type of needle threader.  It does take some time to get the hang of using it but after you do it makes a world of difference in threading the sewing machine needle.  The attachment to the sewing machine comes standard with some sewing machines.  You will pull down on the threader with your left hand and rotate it forward towards you.  This action then pushes a little wire hook through the eye of the needle.  I run the thread up from the bottom of the needle to the underside of the threader.  That way I make sure it catches in the hook, and I didn’t go to high with the thread.  Then you release the threader with your left hand and let go of the thread in the right-hand at almost the same time.  With the left-hand, letting go a fraction of a second sooner than the right.

Some precautions to keep in mind

 I would not use this function for needles smaller than size 70 since that makes the needle eye much smaller.  Also, make sure and be gentle with the threader just like the other ones.  The wire once again is very fragile and is prone to be bent if you do not use it correctly.  With the threaders on the sewing machine, it isn’t like you can go right out and by a new threader cheaply.  This piece is a manufacturer specific part you will have purchase and then replace on the sewing machine.  It becomes much more involved.

Other Information

Where can you buy needle threaders?  Needle threaders are available to purchase almost anywhere.  I have even seen little basic sewing and mending kits at gas stations.  The cheapest place to buy them would probably be online Amazon or at your local Walmart.

What is the best needle threader?  In my opinion there really isn’t a certain hand threader that is the best one out there.  Some are a little easier to use than others.  Some even have little-LED lights with them to help light up where you are placing the metal end through the eye of the needle.  That all that being said, I love my needle threader on my sewing machine.