How To Find High-End Quality Fabric For Less

A friend of mine loves to go to thrift stores and buy old wedding dresses. She reuses the fabric to make cute baby dresses. 

By reusing old dresses for fabric, this is a great way to get quality fabric on the cheap. You have to make sure what you are going to make with that garment that there is enough fabric for the entire pattern. 

I love buying leather garments at my local Goodwill when they are on sale for $1. Any nice clothing item is a great find when it’s only $1. I must admit that my Goodwill stores here in middle Tennessee are the best I have ever been too. I love all their different sales. You can always get a lot for your money. 

Departments I check out

Women’s dresses

Some of the best places are the dresses. I go for the larger size dresses because they usually are made with the most fabric in them. Now for wedding dresses, I go to thrift stores and not the Goodwills in my area. They send all the wedding dresses to one location to have a significant bridal Goodwill sell a couple of times a year. So their prices are suitable for a bridal dress, but other thrift stores have better prices on those bridal gowns. 

Men’s Dept

Men’s shirts, suit jackets, and pants are another great place to look for beautiful fabric. Look in all the different sizes. 

More women’s

I have been collecting some cashmere sweaters to use lately. I haven’t fashioned anything out of them yet, but there is something good about to happen with them. 

Home goods section

The home goods section is another place to find cheap fabric. An old set of sheets can make excellent practice fabric or even a sloper pattern. Curtains are another excellent find. Even lacy curtains, you can take and remake into something else.  

Word to the wise

With the wedding dresses, a cup of bleach in the wash with the bridal gown, and it will come out nice and clean. 

Other fabrics that I can wash, I will throw them into the machining machine on the sanitary cycle. I don’t know what could be on this fabric and where this fabric has been. It is best to start with it all clean. 

Also, check out places like

A couple of other good places to check out for cheap fabric is other thrift stores, yard sales, and flea markets.  

All in all, the great thing about buying garments to use as fabric at Goodwill, thrift stores, and yard sales will save you money. You can find some nice stuff at a low price. Sometimes a cute dress or shirt will have a small hole or a stain in one area. Since you will be using it for something else, then you can cut around those areas. Nowadays, repurposing old clothing is all the craze. 

At yard sales, try to negotiate the price of the things you are wanting to buy. Even if they have a $2.00 price tag on something, offer less. Most of the time they will take less to just get rid of the item. The worst thing that I know could happen is they might say no. So go for it.