Best embroidery machine for under $600

This Brother embroidery machine model number PE770 is a great little embroidery machine.  It is solely an embroidery machine and not a combination sewing machine.  It has internal storage, comes preloaded with 130 designs, as well as a card reader and USB port.  These make this machine very versatile in all the different possibilities you can create.

Specifics about this embroidery machine

This embroidery machine has a maximum embroidery field of 5” x 7”.   The Brother PE770 embroidery machine has enough embroidery space for larger designs and lettering projects.  It comes with 136 built-in embroidery designs.  Access to multiple frame shapes, lettering fonts, and borders.  Even some quilting patterns.  

With its built-in memory, you can import designs from a USB stick and save your favorite designs to the memory.  You can also do some editing on screen by flipping, rotating and even mirror-imaging your designs.

It has a top loading bobbin compartment and an automatic needle threader.  It will also trim your thread while embroidering.  Therefore, saving you time and effort. This is a great starter embroidery machine.  As well as, this embroidery machine is perfect for any home embroiderers who have an interest in starting a home embroidery business.  It’s a great price for what all features you get with this embroidery machine.

Brother PE770 vs Singer XL-420 in the same price range

Singer makes a combination sewing and embroidery machine around the same price.  The downside of it is that you have to have a computer to run the embroideries.  There is no screen to see what you are sitting on the sewing machine.

The Singer XL-420 does have a larger embroidery field but not by much more than the Brother PE770.  With the software, you can see and design your embroidery on a larger screen than the Brother comes with.  I much rather have the designs on a USB stick and just call up the designs you need on the screen on the embroidery machine.  It also allows me to see what color is next on the screen.  No issues with computer compatibility.

The Brother PE770 comes with 6 different embroidery fonts where the Singer XL-420 comes with 5.  Brother has 136 built-in designs where Singer XL-420 has 200 embroidery designs.  Each offers different things, so it is hard to really compare the two with one another.

Other accessories you will need

You will need a number of other things that this machine doesn’t come with.  You will need bobbin thread as well as embroidery threads.  Buying thread can get expensive.  Look online on different sites like Craigslist, LetGo, Facebook Marketplace, and other places for people that are selling lots of their embroidery threads.  You can find other embroidery threads for sale in sets on Amazon and other sites.  There are good threads out there and there are very cheaply made threads.  Try and stick with some of the larger name brands, especially to start off with.

The Brother PE770 embroidery machine also can use the following hoops:  1″x2.5″, 4″x4″ and 12″x5″.  These are not necessary musts but can be useful in embroidering different things.  Even having a second 5″x7″ hoop can speed up time if you are embroidering a number of items.  Having the 2nd one in the hoop ready to go saves a bit of time.

Another great item you will need is a pair of embroidery thread snips.  My favorite is the ones that automatically open back up after you close them.  These usually have a short curve to the blade, making it easier to cut the thread tale very close to the embroidery fabric.

The final thing I would get to go with actually any embroidery machine would be pre-wound bobbins.  The really nice thing about pre-wound bobbins is that there is a lot more thread on that bobbin than you can ever wind on a bobbin yourself.  This means less bobbin thread changes.  Trust me, over time you will figure out why these are so great.

Things to always watch for when embroidering

Always stabilize your fabric, even over stabilize it.  If your fabric is more sheer or lightweight a lot of the time I will use cutaway stabilizer.  If you do not stabilize the fabric enough the machine will jam up by pushing the material into the sewing machines throat plate.  This creates a tangle of knots in the thread under the hoop in and above the bobbin compartment.  The very first thing I ever tried to embroider on was a stretch velvet which I did not stabilize well enough.  After a couple of messed up pieces and finally figuring out what my issue was, I was able to embroider fine.  This was back around 2000/2001 when youtube and information weren’t that great yet on the internet.

Listen to the machine.  If it starts to sound odd, stop it from stitching and check things out.  You will learn the sounds of your embroidery machine and even sewing machine.  When the bobbin is starting to run low sometimes I hear a faint rattle of the bobbin unspooling.  So I know it’s time to change the bobbin out.  Another sound is the needle going through the fabric.  If it starts making a popping sound which is different than it’s regular sound then I know the needle is getting dull and it’s time to change it.

Basic maintenance

Change and clean your embroidery machine often.  Because this type of machine sews so much it creates a lot of lint and dust in and under the bobbin compartment.  So a great rule of thumb is to always clean your machine after every 6 hours of constant embroidering.  Also, change out the needle anytime you clean.  It’s a good reminder to do the cleaning each time you change the needle as well as vice versa.  Check your owners manual on how to clean your embroidery machine.

Why I really like this embroidery machine

I love the fact that this Brother PE770 embroidery machine has a USB port.  Which means you don’t have to worry about if your mac or pc is comparable with the sewing machine.  All you need to do is purchase designs in the correct format of .pes and .dst files.  There are numerous websites out there where you can buy designs and some websites even offer free designs.

Another thing I really like about the brother machine is that it doesn’t do regular sewing.  This way the machine stays set up for embroidery all the time.  Once you get into sewing you will learn that having a second sewing machine to work on while your embroidery machine is stitching comes in very handy.  This way you can make much more of your time.

The embroidery machine is fully updatable via the USB port on the side of the machine.  So anytime there is a new update you can download the file to a USB drive and update your machine easily.


Where to buy

As of today September 30th, 2018 this embroidery machine is rank of #2 in sells in the art and crafts department on  It has well over 1000 reviews and rates 4 stars.  This is a great machine to start embroidering and monogramming with.  The possibilities are definitely endless with this embroidery machine.

As it turns out this embroidery machine is no longer in manufacturing, but still available to purchase.  Hence, it will be for some time now.  Because it is no longer being made, it is a great deal cheaper.  This is another plus for buying it online.