The best cutting table for the money.

A while back I was in need of a good versatile cutting table.  In researching the best one for the money I came across the Studio Designs Sew Ready Hobby & Craft Table.

What is this cutting table?

This is a great cutting and craft table.  It is marketed as a hobby and craft table but I think it’s just the perfect cutting table.  It has two folding sides that collapse down to make it more manageable to store while not using.  The legs have wheels which is very  to move and set up for working on.  With the two sides up into position, this table is 60 inches long by 36 inches wide.  That is 5 foot by 3 foot.  The great thing is this table adjusts it’s height from about 30 inches tall to just shy of 40 inches high.

Cutting out a pattern on this table saves your back for sure.  I have cut a many patterns out on the floor because I didn’t have the room on a table to lay out the fabric and place all the pieces.    As an added bonus this cutting table has two siding wire basket shelves and a bottom shelf.  This is great to keep some of your cutting accessories.  You can even access them when the table is folded up.  You don’t have to open up the table to get to the drawers.

The benefits of this cutting table vs others.

There are other sewing tables that are really good tables but cost a whole lot more.  Koala and Horn both make a really nice cutting table.  They are major manufactures of sewing furniture.  They also make sewing machine tables, storage cabinets, serger tables and other accessories for use with their furniture.  If you have the money the whole large set costs around $2000 for all the different pieces.  The nice thing is they all match and are made of quality materials.

This cutting table is strong, it weighs almost 70 lbs.  Therefore, it isn’t flimsy at all.  The adjustable table legs, wire basket shelves and bottom shelf give the table great functionality and it even has a nice look to it.

Some of the other brands out there in my price range didn’t have the adjustable legs.  This feature really comes in handy when you are short or even tall.  Being able to adjust the height to what you need is great.

Some drawbacks and issues.

It weights 70 lbs.  So getting it in the house can be troublesome.  Also because of it’s weight, I have read about damage during shipping.  So make sure to alway inspect your shipment before taking possession of it.  If it was left at your door and it is looks to have some damage, call the shipping carrier and the place your purchased it from immediately and report it.  See what their next course of action is for damage.

It can tip over easily when in the folded position.  I always store mine against the wall when not in use.  When lifting the sides and pulling the legs under to brace the sides, make sure to put the leg near the center of the underside.  You can take your hot glue gun while are assembling the table and place a mound of hot glue to set up where you don’t want the leg to go beyond.  Do this to each side and it will prevent each leg from going to far and the side from dropping down and dumping your project and tools on the floor.

The particulars I have found about this cutting table.

When this table or any table this size is delivered to your door it weighs a ton.  Well not really a ton but this one weighs 70 lbs. The box is big and bulky with no real good way to carry it even with two people.  I find it is easier to just go get the bathroom rug for large items like this one.  Yes, the bathroom rug.  If you flip the rug upside down on the hardwood floor it will side easily when pushed.  The gripping of the underside of the rug is great to set the large object on.  That way when you push it is doesn’t just slide right off the rug onto the floor.  I keep from scratching up my floor and I don’t throw out my back either.


Putting this thing together takes around an hour if you are good with directions and this type of thing.  There are quiet a few pieces but the directions are written out well.  The allen wrench is a bit of a pain so if you have a tool kit with that same size allen wrench bit for your cordless or electric drill then you are in business.  If you don’t have a drill or that allen wrench tool bit and have to do it by hand expect your hand to be a little tired after putting in all the screws.

It moves while I’m working on it when I don’t want it to.

When using my rotary cutter and mat on the cutting table it will scoot across the hardwood floor even with the wheel that do lock are in the lock position.  So anytime I know I am going to be doing a bit of rotary cutting I will make sure and push the table up to the wall for more support.

Sometimes I like to move my cutting table into a different room to work on it.  Just take care when moving it.  When the sides are both in the down position the table can tip over easily if you aren’t carful.  Just take precaution when moving it around and take it slow.  Especially over carpets, rugs, and door thresholds.  If you do tip it over, it is a bear to get back up on it’s wheeled feet.  When you do this once, you vow to never have to do that again! Trust me.

Added Accessories

I also purchased a large cutting mat for my table.  This is the best thing I could have purchased to go with the table.  Not only can I cut directly on it but it has rulers and grid lines all over it.  This way it is easy for me to measure and cut out pieces of fabric that I am working on.  When I have the table down the folded position I place my large mat behind my sewing table against the wall flat.  I use to roll it up and keep it behind my sewing room door but when I would unroll it and put it on the table it would take a day or two to flatten out all the way.


Place to buy and price

Amazon has this craft/ cutting table for around $150.  I live in TN.  Therefore, sales tax for me is almost 10% so I always have to factor that into my cost.  I am an Amazon prime member. Hence, I do get free two day shipping on items from amazon.  This makes it not so bad to get free shipping in two days on heavy items such as this one.

In conclusion, I have done a lot of research in trying to find the best versatile cutting table to go into my sewing room.  You can not go wrong with this cutting table.  This one has it all without completely breaking the bank to get it.