Creativity in living:

Discovering our passions in life.

My Background

Early years

I was born and raised in a small Appalachian town in rural Virginia. My passion for artisan crafts began at an early age. I grew up watching my mom, grandmother and great-grandmother create the finest examples of homemade mountain culture. The winters were spent cutting up old dresses and clothing to piece together quilts for extra warmth during cold mountain nights. Breaks from quilting were filled with hours of tying together canopies for adornment atop four-poster canopy beds. They were sold throughout the community and at craft fairs. During my entire childhood, I was surrounded by creativity, tradition, and imaginative drive.

In School

At School teachers noticed my artistic ability at an early age. In second grade I was caught using notebook paper to create an intricate diorama of a tree-house. They confiscated my masterpiece and turned it in to the art department. Next thing I knew, I was being pulled from class for one on one art instruction.


As a young teenager I spent one January secretly sewing together an intricate vest. It was a present for my mom for her birthday in February. This was the first actual thing I had sewn on my own without any help.


It was couple of years later that I was ready to get serious about the whole sewing endeavor. I had gotten away from it and eagerly yearned to satisfy that creative itch in my life. I purchased a high-end sewing and embroidery machine from a friend of the family. After spending hours and hours with the machine, I taught myself the basics sewing and later created two Renaissance dresses that even surprised me in their detail and finery. Little did I know that those two dresses would eventually lead me to a job as a manager of a sewing machine store in Northern Virginia. In addition to selling high-end machines similar to my own, I taught classes on a daily basis and fully enjoyed the process of teaching others the craft I had learned to love.


After four years on the job, I left the sewing industry and eventually moved from Northern Virginia to Nashville in pursuit of a fuller experience. My true passion is being creative and sewing. I love teaching others and sharing this passion makes me come alive. After all, the world needs people who have come alive. My mind never stops thinking of different projects to create. I look forward to what creations and adventures will come.

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